Member Services


CASW Scholarships are available to assist members of CASW partner organizations to attend activities that align with the mission and purpose of CASW and uphold the values and principles of the CASW Code of Ethics. There are two separate funds, one managed by SASW for our members and a second provided directly by CASW to members across the country. For more information and applications please click here.

Question about Ethics?

SASW’s Practice Ethics Committee exists to assist members who are struggling with ethical questions or dilemmas. Please use the on-line form to submit your question to the committee. Log into the website as a member and click on the form link on your member page. For information about what type of questions the committee considers, please click here.

Looking for Information about Social Work?

Our Resources page offers many links to information related to social work practice, social issues, social work education and continuing education, or other like-minded organizations.

List of Private Practitioners

SASW hosts a list of RSWs in Private Practice on our web page. This is an advertising service only: SASW is not endorsing members on the list. If you are engaged in private practice and would like to have your contact information added to the list, please log in and go to Edit My Profile on the member home page. At the bottom of the profile it asks whether you have a private practice. Click on the Yes box. You will then be taken to a page to enter your information. Please note, evidence of current practice liability insurance is required.

Insurance Services

As a member of SASW, social workers have access to group insurance rates with competitive premiums. Endorsed by CASW, these plans have been developed to provide you with the right combination of coverage to suit your needs and lifestyle.