New Graduates / First Time Registrants

SASW has been given responsibility for professional self-regulation through The Social Workers Act . With this comes the responsibility for protection of the public and to ensure strict requirements for registration. Accordingly, SASW has a set of specific requirements for applicants to become registered. The requirements to be designated as a registered social worker and receive the privilege of being able to use the title “social worker” are set by The Social Workers Act , the by-laws of the Association, and policies approved by SASW Council. Please follow the steps below to become a Registered Social Worker in Saskatchewan.

  • Complete the application for registration by clicking the link below;
  • Make your payment in full by credit card for the appropriate registration category;

As well, the following documents/forms must be mailed to the SASW in order to complete the registration process. These documents/forms are to be submitted together in one package :

  • An original current criminal record check from your local police/RCMP detachment (current being not more than six months from date of issue). A downloadable form is located within the application for registered social worker;
  • A character reference provided on the SASW Character Reference Form. In the case of a recent graduate, the SASW form is to be completed by your field practicum supervisor, or by the field practicum coordinator from the university that awarded credential. This form is downloadable within the application for registered social worker;
  • If you have been a registered member of any profession (including but not limited to social work), please complete the top portion of the Verification of Registration/Licensure in Any Professional Jurisdiction Form. This form is downloadable within the application for registered social worker.
  • Submit a current resume/curriculum vitae which outlines your education, employment and volunteer history. Please ensure your resume does not indicate you have been using the title of social worker or registered social worker when you are not entitled to do so. If the title of social worker or registered social worker appears on your resume/curriculum vitae, it must be accompanied by the dates you became registered, the dates registration ceased and the name of the regulatory body that approved the registration.

SASW policy requires that an original transcript of marks which indicates the date upon which the social work certificate/degree was conferred ordered from the academic institution where the certificate/degree was awarded. This transcript must be forwarded directly in the mail from the academic institution to the SASW Office .

It is the responsibility of the Registrar to determine the good character of any applicant admitted for registration. The material and information required of applicants is collected so that the Registrar can form a conclusion about the applicant’s character and capacity to practice social work with personal and professional integrity, honesty and in accordance with the law, including but not limited to The Social Workers Act and the bylaws of the Association.

Should you have questions regarding the application process, please contact the SASW Office at or 306.545-1922.