CASW National Social Work Award

2005 Recipient: Tracy Muggli

Tracy MuggliTracy Muggli has been a social worker since 1988, when she joined the SASW, after completing her BSW at the University of Regina. Tracy completed her MSW at Carleton University in 1996, specializing in anti-oppressive practice, with special attention gender and social policy. 

Tracy has worked as a Family Services Worker with Saskatchewan Community Resources & Employment, and as a Psychiatric Social Worker with Regional Psychiatric Centre. Tracy's ability as an advocate, both for co-workers and for clients really shone in her role as a Domestic Abuse Outreach Worker and supervisor with the Family Support Centre, Saskatchewan Community Resources & Employment. In that position she was active in the labour union, much to the dismay of many Community Resources & Employment managers. She also participated in the development of a Rural Family Support Centre in Humboldt. The primary focus of the program was to provide outreach programs to women in regards to domestic violence. Tracy continues to be passionate in her work as a social worker, as a Manager at Client Patient Access Services, Saskatoon Health Region. Tracy has been a sessional lecturer with the University of Regina since 1997.

Tracy has been a strong voice in Saskatoon and in Saskatchewan for joining SASW. She has been active in the branch since 1996. She has been the secretary and the chair of the local branch and is currently the past chair, with the responsibility to updating the local bylaws. Tracy has been the primary planner behind many branch activities (educational, and social). This past spring she arranged for a social justice forum for local members to meet candidates running in the federal election.

Tracy is also active on the provincial level with the SASW. She was truly amazing in her three year commitment to organize the 2004 National Conference. All of the people that worked with her on that project were impressed by Tracy's energy, creativity and diplomacy. Provincially, Tracy is a member at large of the provincial executive council. She is the Service Liaison Representative and she is also the SASW representative to the Integrated Primary Health Working Group.

Tracy is politically active. She is motivated to be involved in politics because of her desire to see women get elected. She has been involved in several provincial and federal elections.

Tracy reports that she wants to be a part of her seven year old son's education and so is president of the Parent Council of his school. She has been successful in ensuring a commitment to a capital funding project to build an addition to enhance the Fine Arts focus in his school.

Tracy was born and grew up in Muenster, SK, and the daughter of farmers. She has one brother and one sister. Tracy reports being influenced by her family in their willingness to take a stand on social issues and to actively insure that change happened in their community. Tracy is the mom to a seven year old son, who she says keeps her centered. Also in her life is her partner, Darren (a labour union activist), and her puppy, Ziggy. Amazingly, Tracy claims to have spare time. She is a model of living a balanced life, with time for fun, including curling, yoga, golf, and attending theatre performances. When asked what motivates her, Tracy said, "Why would you choose to do nothing, when you can choose to do something, to make things better?"

Tracy is an amazing woman, who is well qualified, in spite of her youth, to be awarded this honor.