Renew RSW Membership

Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017

 Employed Full Time" $350.00

 Employed Part Time: $216.00

 Non Practicing: $92.00

 Affiliate: $74.00

SASW has been given responsibility for professional self-regulation by The Social Workers Act. With this comes the responsibility for protection of the public and to ensure strict requirements for registration. Accordingly, SASW has a set of specific requirements for applicants to maintain their yearly registration. The requirements for designation as a registered social worker and the privilege of being able to use the title “ social worker ” are set by The Social Workers Act , by-laws of the Association, and SASW Council policies. The SASW Registrar has been delegated the responsibility pursuant to Section 22(1) of The Social Workers Act, for the admission of persons as members and the issuing of licenses of registration. The material and information required of members is collected so that the Registrar can form a conclusion about the applicant’s capacity to practice social work with decency, integrity, honesty and in accordance with the law, including but not limited to The Social Workers Act and the by-laws of the Association.

All members are required to complete the renewal form on-line and submit payment by credit card (Visa/MasterCard) by December 1, 2016 .   

Gaining Access to SASW Online System/Website

It has been the SASW office experience that some members have reported that they are unable to view SASW's website. In most cases, it is because of the use of obsolete versions of Internet Explorer that include Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 and 8, which do not meet modern standards for security and website design.  SASW's website can be only be viewed when using one of the newer versions of Internet Explorer (IE 9, 10 and 11), as well as any of the updated versions of alternate web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8 cannot be upgraded to a modern IE version. As a work around, those with Microsoft's XP operating systems do have the option of installing one of the self-updating browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Those with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 should have the ability to view SASW website as they come installed with compatible versions of Internet Explorer (IE9, IE10). 


  • A late payment fee of $15 will automatically applied by the online system if your             registration renewal is completed between December 2 nd - December 31 st .

  • A reinstatement fee of $50 will automatically be applied by the online system for all       applications completed on or after January 1 st .

Issuing of Official Income Tax Receipts/Licenses

Official income tax receipts/licenses and registration cards will be mailed to members when the online renewal application has been completed, all fees have been paid in full and when the SASW Registrar has reviewed your online application/continuing education.

If you are being reimbursed by your employer, you may want to consider submitting your online renewal well before the December 1 st deadline to ensure that your renewal application can be approved/processed and the official income tax receipt/license can then be mailed to you before Christmas. Once you receive your official income tax receipt/license from the SASW office, you can submit this to your employer for reimbursement. 

Guidelines for completion of registration renewals

Step 1 - Member Login

Go to and click on Member Services Login (orange button) and enter your username/password. Once you have entered the username/password, you will be taken to your Member Home Page (portal) where you can see the information that SASW has in its online system, and find buttons that will take you to pages where you can update or enter new information. 


If you do not remember or have your username/password, you must retrieve this information by entering the email that you have in the SASW online system. The online system will send your username/password to this email. You are being provided within this mail-out package, the current email that SASW has in its system for you.  If you no longer use that email or you have changed your email, you will need to notify the SASW Office ( ) of a change to your email. 

The office will then make the change in the online system so you can retrieve your username/password . To avoid late charges and the delay of your registration, please ensure that you do this well before the December 1 st deadline.

In keeping with the industry standard and for confidentiality/security reasons, the SASW office will not be providing usernames/passwords over the telephone or through email requests.

Step 2: Reporting of Continuing Professional Education

On your Member Home Page (portal) - click on the CONTINUING EDUCATION ACTIVITY RECORD.

  • The reporting of a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education is mandatory for individuals who were practicing members (full time or part time) in 2016. See enclosed SASW continuing education policy. You will not be able to complete the renewal process until the continuing education requirement has been met.
  • To enter your continuing education information, from the Member Home Page (portal) click on Enter a Continuing Education Activity Record. Select the appropriate category for each activity and enter the information as required. You must enter activities in at least two categories and the hours must total at least 40 per year. See enclosed Appendix 1 - Definitions/Recording Requirements for Continuing Professional Education Activities as to how you record your continuing education activities.
  • Once you have entered a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education activities, in two of the three categories, you will be given the ONLINE RENEWAL LINK.

Members are asked to keep copies of their supporting documentation (brochures, certificates, receipts, etc.) as you could be randomly selected for audit by the SASW Registrar and may be required to submit documents to the SASW Office for verification.


If in 2016 you were non-practicing or a new member you are EXEMPT from reporting continuing education for 2017 renewal year; therefore you will not get the Continuing Education Link. Please proceed to Step 3.

Links to:

Step 3 - Completing Online Renewal Link

Once you have entered your continuing education activities, the system will automatically give you an ONLINE RENEWAL LINK.  Click on this ONLINE RENEWAL link to complete the online renewal form. This form will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

As you scroll through the information that has been entered into the online system, please check for data accuracy. If any of the data needs to be edited/updated, click on field that requires editing and make the necessary change.  You have access to your Member Home Page throughout the year and can update this information any time if it changes. Please make sure that you keep your home address and email address current in the system so that the SASW office can communicate with you throughout the year.


You cannot change your name or education data yourself. The following is required if you are wanting to make  changes to this data:

  1. Last Name/First Name - The Registrar requires that you complete the SASW Change of Name Form which is located on your Member Home Page (portal). Once completed, the form is sent electronically to the SASW Office where a staff member will make this change.
    Please note that the name you are registered under should be the same name that you use in practice.
  2. Education Data - If you have obtained another degree and want this entered into the SASW online database, members are required to order a transcript indicating that the credential has been awarded and conferred. This transcript must be sent directly to the SASW Office from the academic institution where the credential was received. The SASW office will make the change to your educational data once the transcript has been received.

Once you have updated your member profile including your employment data, you will continue within the ONLINE RENEWAL to select your 2017 registration category, answer regulatory questions, and finally when you have completed all sections on the renewal form, the SECURE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT screen will appear. In order to complete the online renewal, you must make your payment using a credit card (Visa/MasterCard).


You will not be able to save information once you enter the ONLINE renewal link and come back later to make the payment. If your employer normally pays for your registration you will need to pay first and be reimbursed.  If you do not have a personal credit card, you can purchase loadable ones from most Canada Post outlets, at drug stores and/or financial institutions.

Your online renewal form/continuing education is sent electronically to the SASW office along with your credit card payment.

If you have questions about the renewal process, members are encouraged to visit the SASW website (Frequently Asked Questions)   or if you need assistance please contact the office (306) 545-6877.